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We are committed to ensuring our online services are accessible to all users. The information below suggests how to obtain the best user experience on our website and explains what we have done to make the website accessible.

You can improve your online experience by customizing your computer's settings to meet your individual needs. For example, you can increase the size of all fonts or change the colour scheme.

We recommend you keep your browsers up-to-date. Newer browsers tend to provide more display options to make content accessible, and may work better with assistive technologies.

Browser Requirements:
  • Chrome - 2 most recent major versions supported
  • Firefox - 2 most recent major versions supported
  • Microsoft Edge - 2 most recent major versions supported
  • Internet Explorer - 10 and 11 supported (currently being phased out and no longer supported by Microsoft)
  • Safari - 2 most recent major versions supported

We have created our website in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. These guidelines assist website developers by describing best practices for creating websites that are accessible to all users. Some of the ways we achieve online accessibility include:

  • Building webpages in a way that allows you to disable the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) on your browsers or modify the text size using browser controls if the colours or fonts make content difficult to read.
  • Creating webpages that allow visually impaired users to navigate the site effectively with a screen reading aid. For example, images have text-based descriptions, title attributes tell users where a link will take them if they click on it, and structured headings provide an overview of the site that lets users jump quickly to desired sections.

If you have trouble using our website

We are always open to making improvements to provide the best possible online experience for our members.

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Your How-to

How to update my browser and change text size

Updating your browser to make sure it's current and adjusting the size of text you see are two great ways to guarantee yourself an optimal experience.

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