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Small Business Banking


AVAILABLE NOW: A Digital Toolkit for your Business!

Take your business to the next level with new digital features that will save you time and money.

Invoicing and enhanced transaction management

Make conducting and managing business transactions a breeze. You'll have access to dual signer support, full spectrum bill payment options, e-transfers, mobile cheque deposits and stop payments.


Streamlined financial admin

Centralize your personal and business account into one spot, so you can access all of your financials at once. With consolidated accounts, delegate access, eStatements, transaction reporting, tax filing and more, our new digital offerings will keep you moving and shaking.

Payroll management

Integrated payroll management to accelerate your processes and simplify your cash flow management.


Available on your device of choice

It goes without saying that in addition to being available through our forthcoming Small Business App, your digital toolkit will be available to you on desktop, tablet and your mobile device.

Learn How-to Get Started with our MemberDirect Small Business platform.

Need more information, check out our detailed User Guide.

MemberDirect Small Business (MDSB) is an intuitive, easy-to-use online banking service full of features designed specifically for the needs of small businesses and organizations.  MDSB offers all the same features as personal online banking, and also provides: 

  • Access to both personal and business accounts with a single sign-on
  • Setting up users (delegates) with access to online banking who are not signers on the business account
  • Dual signature approval on transactions
  • Alert reminders for pending transactions
  • Invoicing service to create and send invoices, collect payment, and reconcile accounts receivable 

Below are list of common questions and answers with helpful tips for using MDSB.  For detailed information on using each of the MDSB features, refer to our MDSB User Guide.  

Access Issues

1. I'm a signer and I'm locked out of MDSB, how can I get this fixed?

If you've incorrectly tried to login to MemberDirect Small Business, you'll be prevented from trying to login again for security reasons. You'll need to contact us so that we can reset your access.

2. What should I do if my delegate forgets their log in information?

Use the Delegate Manager to access the ‘Edit Delegate’ page. From here, you can see the delegate's member number at the top of the page, and you can also set up a new temporary password for them.

3. My delegate is locked out of MDSB, how can this be fixed?

The maximum password retry for delegates is 3. After the maximum is reached, a signer will need to unlock their delegate through MDSB. In the Delegate Manager, select the 'Unlock this account' checkbox to restore your delegate's access.

4. My delegate can't log into MDSB, why not?

Ensure that the delegate is entering their member number with a capital letter “D” - this first digit of their member number is case sensitive.

5. Can I use Mobile Web to access your account; however, delegates are not permitted to use MDSB via Mobile Web.

Yes, you can use Mobile Web to access your account; however, delegates are not permitted to use MDSB via Mobile Web.

Delegate Manager

1. What is a delegate?

A delegate is someone such as a bookkeeper or family member that you have granted permission to have access to your online business accounts. A delegate can have read-only access to your accounts and their transactions, or you can allow them to initiate transactions for you, such as bill payments or the transfer of funds from one account to another. Once a delegate initiates a transaction, you will be notified that the transaction requires your approval to continue.

2. Can delegates see my personal accounts?

When you create a delegate, you can specify which memberships the delegate can access. For example, you may have a business membership that contains business-only accounts and a separate personal membership. After you consolidate your personal and business memberships through MemberDirect Small Business you can allow the delegate to view your business membership but not your personal membership. The delegate will be able to see all accounts accessible via the business membership. 

3. Can delegates see e-Statements? 

Delegates will be able to view e-Statements for the business membership that you’ve assigned them to.  They will not be able to see e-Statements for any other consolidated memberships that you’ve shared with them.

4. How can I check for initiated transactions on my mobile device?

If you are a signer for an account you can use the Transaction Manager feature available in our mobile app and mobile web to review, approve or reject pending payments and transfers. If you have signed up for Alerts, you can also receive alerts for pending bill payments and transactions via text message and email.

5. What is the difference between read-only and initiator access?

Delegates with read-only access can only view account activity in accounts you give them access to.  Delegates with initiator access can not only view account activity but also set-up transactions that must be approved by signers.

6. How do I choose a delegate's login information?

When you add a new delegate, the member number is automatically generated and cannot be changed; however, the password you ser up is only a temporary password.  Your delegate will change the password you five them through MDSB to something they choose.  Your delegate will be prompted to change their temporary password when they login for the first time.

7. The 'Add Delegate' link isn't working, why not?

Each signer can add up to three delegates.  Once three delegates have been added, the link becomes inactive.

8. If my account requires two signatures for transaction approval, are two signers required to add a delegate?

Each signer can set up delegates without needing the other signer’s approval.  The other signers can view and delete each signer’s delegate list but can’t change the status or profile on another signer’s list of delegates.

9. How can I permanently remove a delegate's access?

In Delegate Manager, select ‘Delete’ beside the delegate’s name to remove the user permanently.

10. How can I temporarily remove a delegate's access?

In Delegate Manager, click ‘Edit’ beside your delegate’s name to go to the ‘Edit Delegate’ page.  Change the delegate’s status to ‘Inactive’.  When you want to restore delegate access, change the status back to ‘Active’. 

Account Consolidation

1. What is account consolidation?

The account consolidation feature allows a signer to group their personal and small business accounts together, so you can view account balances and conduct transactions between these accounts using a single login.  

To consolidate your accounts in MDSB, simply navigate to the Account Consolidation Manager, choose to add a new consolidated account, and enter the login details for the membership that you wish to consolidate.

2. How many memberships can I consolidate?

Each signer can set up to view and transact from up to four membership numbers – the business account they are signed into, plus three additional membership accounts.  Each signer can customize their view of MDSB so that they can consolidate their personal and business accounts into one online banking session.

3. Can I consolidate accounts at another FI?

Only memberships at Lake View Credit Union can be consolidated.

4. Who can see my consolidated accounts?

Consolidated accounts are only visible to the signer who combines them and to their authorized delegates.  This ensures that even when there are multiple signers on a single account, each signer can only see their own accounts and not those consolidated by another signer.

5. What is not included in account consolidation?

While your accounts and transaction information will be accessible via one login, the following services will only be accessible from the accounts you originally set them up in:  e-Statements and CRA information.  You can continue to access them using the same login information you always have.

6. How do I remove a consolidated membership account?

Simply click ‘Remove’ from the options beside the membership number listed in the Account Consolidation Manager.  This action does not affect the membership account which was removed.  You can access that membership account by logging into it separately.

Transaction Manager

1. What is the dual signature feature?

Many small businesses and organizations require two people to approve payments and transfers from business accounts. Our dual signature feature brings this process online by allowing members to have two signers in online banking approve transactions from an account before they can be completed.

2. How many signers can be assigned to an account?

Members can have up to 9 signers at one time; the same authorized signatories established on the membership for in-branch and cheque signing. The dual signature feature allows any two of those signers to be required to sign-off on any single transaction.  

3. My account requires two signatures for all in-branch transactions. Does this apply to MDSB transactions as well?

Yes, transactions set up in MDSB will require approval from two authorized signers. If your delegate initiates a transaction to transfer funds, two signers must give their approval.

4. What does it mean for a delegate to "initiate" a transaction?

Delegates initiate transactions that require approval from signers. Initiating a transaction involves setting up the transaction by entering information such as the type of payment, account to transfer from, payee, amount, and the payment date. Transactions created by a delegate become Pending Transactions and require approval from one signer (or two signers if two are required). Once the signer(s) approves the transaction, it will clear the account as a completed transaction.

5. What is a Pending Number?

When a transaction is initiated, it is assigned a Pending Number which the initiator can use as a reference for follow up. Once the transaction is approved and completed, the pending number is replaced with a Confirmation Number.

6. Why do pending transactions display with "0 of 1" or "0 of 2"?

Transactions created by a delegate require a signer to approve the transaction. In the Transaction Manager prior to the approval, the transaction heading displays "Transfer - 0 of 1 Approved" which means that approval is required on the transaction from one signer to complete the transaction. For transactions which require two signatures, this heading will display “0 of 2”. When one of the signers approves the transaction, the display is changed to “1 of 2” and will require the other signer to approve the transaction before it is complete.

7. How do I recall a transaction?

A transaction can be cancelled by the initiator of that transaction by recalling that transaction. This can be done within the Transaction Manager for any transactions still listed under the 'Transactions Require Approval from Others' section. Any transactions that have already been approved or rejected cannot be recalled.

8. How can I create a transaction similar to one that has been recalled, rejected or expired in the past?

You can create similar transactions simply by clicking 'Create a Similar Transaction' for any transactions listed under 'Rejected, Expired, or Recalled Transactions'. Simply enter the new information and click 'Submit'.

9. How does the Payment Date play a part in the expiry date of the initiated transaction?

The Payment Date of an initiated transaction is determined by the initiator but keep in mind, the signer must approve the transaction before the Payment Date passes or the transaction expires.

10. Do signers have to approve a recurring transaction every time it occurs?

No, the signer only has to approve the recurring transaction upon its initial set-up.

11. Why can't I see who initiated and approved transactions on my account?

After a transaction is posted, it isn't possible to determine which delegate initiated the transaction and which signer approved the transaction. We'd suggest putting an internal process in place to track this information if it is important to you.

12. Why has my transaction expired?

Transactions expire if they are not approved within 7 days of being created. Scheduled payments expire if they are not approved before the Payment Date.

Small Business Invoicing

1. How do I create my first invoice?

Click on ‘Invoicing’ in the left-hand side bar and then click the button ‘Create New Invoice’.

2. How do I creawte a new customer?

On the ‘Create Invoice’ page, select the drop-down arrow under 'Customer' and click 'Add New Customer'. Enter the customer details and hit 'Save Customer'.

3. Where can I update my business information?

Click the 'Business Settings' link under Invoicing in the left -hand side bar. Update your business information and hit 'Save Business' to save the updates.

4. How do I add/update my company logo?

On the ‘Create New Invoice’ page, click on the box which has 'Add Company Logo' and select a file from your computer/mobile device to upload. If you already have a company logo on your invoice, simply click on the logo and double click the image you wish to upload.

5. How do I add, update or delete a tax?

Click the 'Business Tax Settings' link under 'Invoicing' on the left-hand side bar. To add a new tax, click the '+Add New Tax' link, enter the details and click the check mark to save. To edit a tax, click the pencil icon next to the tax you wish to update and click the check mark to save the updates . To delete a tax, click the garbage bin icon next to the tax you wish to delete. You can also add taxes directly to an invoice when creating a new invoice; when you add a line item, select the tax drop-down and click 'Add Tax+', enter the details and click 'Add New Tax' to save.

6. Why do I not see any taxes in the drop-down list on my invoice?

You will need to create your taxes in order to see them. See Question 5 above for more information.

7. What happens if I update a tax that is already in use on an invoice?

If the invoice has been sent, the tax on the invoice will not be affected and will remain the same as when you sent the invoice. If the tax you are updating is in use on a draft invoice, this tax will be affected. You will see a pop up warning you that once you save this updated tax, the tax will also be updated on draft invoices.

8. How do I undo an applied match?

You can unmatch an invoice from a deposit immediately after you have matched it by clicking on the 'Unmatch' link on the confirmation bubble.  You can also unmatch an invoice from a deposit on the ‘Recent Invoices’ tab; click on the ‘Actions’ drop-down box next to an invoice which has a status of PAID, click ‘Unmatch’ to unmatch this invoice from all deposits.  The invoice status will update from PAID to SENT.

9. I don't see the invoice I want to reconcile in the matches tab, how do I search for it?

While on the ‘Matches’ tab, click on the invoice you wish to reconcile. Click the 'Advanced Search' link; you can filter by deposit amount, date range and deposit type in order to search for a specific deposit.

10. Will invoices be automatically emailed to me when I send them to a customer?

Yes, you will automatically receive a PDF copy of an invoice you have emailed to your customer. The email will be sent to the email address specified in your business profile.

11. How do I de-register from invoicing?

Click the 'Account Settings' link under 'Invoicing', click the 'Deregister' link and confirm the deregistration. Please note that you will need to download your invoicing information prior to deregistering.

12. How do I re-register for invoicing?

Click on ‘Invoicing’ on the left-hand side bar, click on the ‘Account Settings’ link, and click the 'Register' link in order to re-register for Invoicing.

13. Where can I download my invoicing information?

Navigate to your Invoicing dashboard by clicking on ‘Invoicing’ on the left-hand side bar, click the Excel icon to download to Excel or click on the printer icon to download to PDF. These icons are located to the right of the Recent Invoices/Matches tabs on the dashboard.

14. How do I set my fiscal year?

You can set your fiscal year in your business settings. Click on the 'Business Settings' link under 'Invoicing' on the left- hand side bar, update your fiscal year and click 'Save Business' to save the updates.

15. Can I delete a sent invoice?

No, you cannot delete a sent invoice, you can only delete an invoice which has a status of DRAFT. You can cancel a sent invoice by clicking on the actions drop-down next to the invoice and selecting 'Cancel Invoice'. Canceling an invoice does not send any notification to the customer.

16. Will my customer be notified if I cancel an invoice?

Your customer will not be notified if you cancel an invoice.

17. How do I apply a manual payment?

You can apply a manual payment to an invoice which has a status of SENT or OVERDUE. Click on the Actions drop-down on the invoice you wish to make the payment, select 'Apply Payment'. Enter the payment details and select 'Apply Payment'. The invoice status will automatically update to PAID status.

18. Do I need to enter an invoice number every time I create a new invoice?

You do not need to enter an invoice number every time you create a new invoice, this number will be automatically generated and will auto increment for each invoice. Users can manually update the invoice number and they can edit the automatically generated invoice number.

19. I would like to change the issue date of my invoice to a date in the future, why are all future dates greyed out?

At this point, you cannot future date an invoice. Invoices can only have today's date or a date in the past.

20. I created an invoice but did not complete all the fields, I navigated to another page and now I can no longer see it, and it is not in the dashboard as a draft invoice.

In order to save an invoice as a draft, you have to click the 'Save as Draft' link on the Create Invoice page, otherwise your invoice will not be saved as draft.


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