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Come be AMAZING with us!


Come be AMAZING with us!

Why join the Lake View team?

​Generous above-industry salary and benefit packages

​A refreshingly vibrant environment

​Ongoing opportunities for training and development

​A place where we see you as one of our biggest assets

​An employee-driven recognition program

​An understanding of the need for work-life balance complimented by a stellar wellness program

Staff Testimonials

Because nothing beats hearing it first hand.



"I managed to build for myself a rewarding and joyful career that is community oriented and that allows me to grow."


​financial services officer II

"I enjoy my job at the Credit Union where I have the chance every day to help people make their dreams a reality such as a member's first home purchase or helping new parents set up their child for financial success.  At the Credit Union, all decisions are made locally which gives us the flexibility and tools to provide customized solutions to their financial needs. "

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Here at Lake View Credit Union, we want your experience when using our digital tools and platforms to be the very best it can be. 

Finding the right borrowing solution

Often times the choice to finance a purchase or save until you can buy it outright with cash on hand is determined by your cost of borrowing.

Mortgages 101

In Canada and much of the modern world, home ownership has become an almost universal aspiration for those working to count themselves among the middle class.

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