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Online Banking 2-Step Verification - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2-Step Verification is a vital security enhancement designed to fortify your online banking experience, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your online banking or mobile app. This measure becomes particularly valuable in the event your password is compromised or lost.

2-Step Verification effectively replaces the conventional security questions and does not demand your input during every login. Instead, you'll be prompted to enter a verification code periodically.

The 2-Step Verification feature is scheduled to go live on November 14th, 2023.

The 2-Step Verification process is straightforward and ensures your account's security:

  1. Access online banking via the website or mobile app.
  2. If it's your initial login, you'll be prompted to enroll in 2-Step Verification.
  3. Choose to receive your verification code via text or email – text is the recommended and often more secure option.
  4. Retrieve the verification code from the email or SMS text and enter it within 10 minutes to access your account.

Should you need to update your phone number or email for 2-Step Verification, please contact Lake View Credit Union for assistance during their working hours.

To get started with 2-Step Verification, you'll need either an email address or a mobile phone. Please note that landlines won't suffice for this security measure.

Yes, you must update your mobile app to enable 2-Step Verification for a seamless experience.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to select whether you'd like to receive verification codes via email or text during the 2-Step Verification enrollment process. Many users find text messages quicker and more convenient.

If you experience any issues during the enrollment process, please don't hesitate to reach out to Lake View Credit Union for assistance. You can call us for support.

Ensuring a secure online banking experience tops our list of priorities. 2-Step Verification substantially reduces the risk of fraudulent activities and bolsters the security of your accounts and personal information.

No, 2-Step Verification cannot be deactivated. It is mandatory for all high-risk logins, regardless of the device being used.

Self-Serve Reset PAC is a feature that allows you to reset your Online Banking Password online whenever necessary. To utilize this feature, it's a requirement to be enrolled in 2-Step Verification.

The verification code remains valid for 10 minutes from the moment it's generated. If you exceed this time limit, you will receive an error message, requiring you to refresh the page and restart the process.

No, once you've enrolled in 2-Step Verification, challenge questions and answers will no longer be utilized or requested.

If you encounter delays in receiving the verification code, wait for a reasonable amount of time, and if needed, utilize the "send new code" option to resend it. For email, don't forget to check your spam/junk folder before requesting a new code.

To modify your 2-Step Verification details, log in to online banking, navigate to "profile and settings," and select "change 2-Step Verification information."

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