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    Loan Application Consent

    I can withdraw any consent I give below for the collection, use, and disclosure of my personal information at any time by contacting the Lender. Imay be asked to provide a request in writing. If I withdraw my consent, I understand that the Lender may no longer be able to provide me or thethird party for whom I am acting, if applicable, with a product(s) and/or service(s).The Lender’s privacy policy can be obtained by contacting a Lender representative.

    Marketing Consent

    The Lender and its agents and representatives may use and/or disclose my personal information to determine my suitability and eligibility for products,services, and community events and to market such products, services, and community activities to me, or the third party for whom I am acting, byproviding information by any means including mail, electronic message, or in person. The Financial Institution and its agents and representativesmay disclose my information to market research firms for the purposes of analysis and/or conducting surveys.

    Full Personal Credit Report Consent

    I consent to the Lender obtaining my full personal credit report from credit reporting agencies from time to time forthe purposes of assessing my current and ongoing creditworthiness, to update my personal information, and for riskassessment purposes. This consent shall be effective as of the date of this consent and shall be valid so long as I have,or the Borrower has, a debt owing to the Lender. The Lender may provide information about my credit history and otherpersonal information to other financial institutions and credit reporting agencies to update my credit information andmaintain the integrity of the credit reporting system.

    Personal Information Consent

    I consent to the Lender and its agents and representatives collecting, using, and disclosing my personal information to:

    1. verify my identity and maintain records of my personal information, in accordance with the Lender’s requirements to manage its risk arisingfrom its operations or as otherwise required by law, including money laundering laws and regulations, which may include checking my identityagainst watch lists;
    2. facilitate the collection of debts owing by me, or for which I am financially responsible, to the Lender;
    3. protect me, the third party for whom I am acting, if applicable, or the Lender from error and fraud, such as identity theft;
    4. process this application and set up, manage, administer, and maintain my account; and
    5. keep my records separate from others with the same name.

    I consent to the Financial Institution communicating with me, or the third party for whom I am acting, by any means, including mail, in person, email,or otherwise for administrative purposes related to products and services which I currently have or may request in the future.

    I understand that my social insurance number (SIN) will be collected, used, and disclosed as required by law for income tax reporting purposes.Providing my SIN for purposes not required by law is optional. The Financial Institution and its agents and representatives may use my SIN tokeep my records separate from other individuals with the same name and to identify me (including for credit reporting purposes, as applicable). Iunderstand that my consent to these additional uses is optional and may be withdrawn at any time by contacting the Financial Institution.

    I understand that my personal information may be transferred to service providers located in other countries, and that in such case my personalinformation may be accessible by law enforcement and national security agents in those countries.

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